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Whether we travel across time or distances, through the ages and across the world, mothers-to-be share the same worries whatever their origins or cultural backgrounds: their child’s wellbeing, finding a name, preparing for their arrival… it is such a deep-rooted sentiment that transcends all borders.

This book explores the ways in which women across the world live their pregnancies, collecting histories that brim with poesy, magic and beauty. It is a subtle but powerful ode: an ode to women, to respect, to bodily wisdom, to a connection with feminine strength, and to the strength of women’s community.

What the readers say


Rome, Italy

 Sweetness in words. It takes future moms through a nice journey around the world of pregnancy. In a simple, affectionate and curious way, this book vehicles a sense of calm and tenderness which is never too much in such delicate months. Highly suggested reading, for all women, both pregnant and not.


Madrid, Spain

This book makes you feel part of something great, of a universal brotherhood of women, beyond epochs, races, borders … Its reading is a wonderful gift.


Madrid, Spain

I like this book because it connects you with the feminine ancestral wisdom. Rites and rituals that awakes emotions of love, care and tenderness. A reading that makes you feel the invisible force that unites us and sustains all the mothers of the world.


Mendoza, Argentina

This precious treasure allows us to know how much wealth exists in the diversity of motherhood. The limits are stretched in such a way in this experience that they do not fit in the whole world. When you read each word in it, you will realize the vital gift you have in your arms.

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Between womwn

In China, as of the first months it is customary to cover a pregnant woman’s belly with a red cloth similar to a small apron. This stems from the belief that it stops the baby from looking out and seeing unpleasant things, and that it stops curiosity from making the baby want to bring the birth forward. The apron is passed from mothers to daughters, or between relatives and friends.


The Fadas, or Siete Candelas, was a Spanish medieval custom, which the Sephardic Jews later converted into a family celebration. The word fada means «fairy» in old Castilian, so it is likely the story of Sleeping Beauty originated from this tradition.

About two weeks after the baby was born, the family invited friends and relatives to their home. The rabbi made a speech, then each of the guests in turn took the baby in their arms, offering blessings and good wishes for the new life just as the fairies did, thus protecting the baby with their blessings.

Searching for a name

In Burkina Faso in Africa, it is tradition for pregnant women the Dagara tribe to go through what they call the ‘ritual of listening.’ The idea is for the mother to listen to her baby so she knows who she or he is, to discover the baby’s likes and dislikes, why he or she is arriving now, and what the mother and others can do to prepare the space for when the baby arrives… This is the moment when the name is chosen, based on the information obtained during the ritual.

Receiving the baby

Among the indigenous people of Ecuador, it is believed that newborns who lack an adequate welcome will feel rejected. According to traditional ancestral medicine, the way a child comes into the world will affect him or her in life. The day after the birth, the baby has its first ritual bath. White, red and pink flower petals along with rosemary leaves, coins and some grains of wheat are put in tepid water. The midwife bathes the baby while cooing. This first contact with the water and the flowers acts as an initial cleansing, so the baby is unaffected by negative ideas and influences in the environment. The coins and grains of wheat, which can be placed in the baby’s hands during the bath, are there to ensure there will always be abundance in the baby’s life.




Latest news…

08 AUGUST 2018

Ivf and Madres de la Madre Tierra

We are pleased to inform you that we are very happy that Ivf Spain fertility clinic has chosen our book as a gift for their patients. We hope that it is a pleasant reading and company during your pregnancy.


Presentation of «Madres de la Madre Tierra.»

On September 28th at 17.30 the presentation of the book Madres de la Madre Tierra will take place in the space Entre Mamás of Madrid. We have the presence of María Feros Ortiz de Zárate, pedagogue, mother of day and family counselor, an exceptional guest who will do the honors at the event.

Tell us your story

Dear reader, If you know of any rituals, customs or stories that are not included in this book and that you think might be interesting, we would be grateful if you could write to us, thank you for your help!

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